Who We Are:

Cornerstone Asset Metals is a private bullion dealer that specializes in helping individuals and institutions hedge their portfolio against inflationary risk using precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Our advanced investment strategies are designed to maximize investor returns in the precious metals market in times of economic uncertainty and stock market volatility.

Our clients maintain full control the level of the risk they take while investing in these physical metals.

Cornerstone Asset Metals provides four primary services:

  • Precious Metals Investments (physical possession or storage)
  • Gold-backed IRAS
  • Custom Minting
  • Certified U.S. Gold and Silver Coins.

Cornerstone clients are given instant buying power within their account. As an investor, you may enter or exit the precious metals investments market at a comfort level tailored to your financial objectives and at a time when you feel is right for your portfolio. At any time you may place a purchase order over the telephone with your Cornerstone Representative and receive immediate price confirmation.

Your precious metals investments account is liquid and you can have funds wired to you as needed.

You may purchase physical bullion bars and coins and have them shipped directly to any location or choose to have them securely stored at an independent depository.

About Terry Sacka:

Terry-Sacka-Wealth-Transfer-Show-2016Terry Sacka, AAMS is the founder of Cornerstone Asset Metals and is an Accredited Asset Management Specialist who educates and guides investors on how to protect, preserve and prosper in times of uncertainty and systematic risk with inflationary hedges. These “inflationary hedges” are hard assets such as gold and silver which is “God’s Money” and will never be worthless as all fiat paper currency has gone to in history.

Terry provides a wealth of financial information on his Daily Podcast and Weekly TV Show. You can read updates on his corporate website at http://www.CornerstoneAssetMetals.com

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